20 April 2007

45. Box

Dear box of trash mysteriously left in our recycling bin,

I bet if you had physical feelings that a few minutes ago you would have been confused at all the tickling on your side. At least, I hope that leaving a note with marker would be ticklish and not painful, and either way please accept my apologies for the inconvenience, for all they're worth.
If you could read this letter, you might also appreciate this picture of you, with the note I left:

I pulled it out and left a note.

Tomorrow I will sort you and your contents into trash and recyclables and put them in their appropriate bins, but today I am leaving you out on the off chance that whoever put you in my recycling bin will see the note, and maybe even feel a twinge of remorse or something. Hey, I can dream. So thanks for that little dream, I guess.


Published 20 April 2011, title shortened 1 December 2011.